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Pirštinė nitril XL-dydis plona mechanikui 1vnt. PROFI

Pirštinė nitril XL-dydis plona mechanikui 1vnt. PROFI


TRIUMF professional tools (Slovakija)

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Pirštinė nitril XL-dydis plona mechanikui 1vnt. PROFI


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Extra strong version, made from 100% nitril. Does not contain the latex or powder as it can be set on the hand very comfortably. The main advantage is high chemical and mechanical resistancy what enables the repeatable useage. No unpleasant smell on the hands after using in comparison with latex gloves. Perfect comfort. This version provides high working sensitivity. Glooves with fine outer grooving providing the non-skid useage and safe and firm grip. Practical package 100 pc, universal glooves, no difference bettween the right one and left one. Unique look and unique black colour differes these glooves from each other available gloves. Ideal for painting, spraying, car laquering, detailed panelwork works - mounting, panel completing, oil exchanges, greasing exchanges, brake and other fluid exchanges, defating, works with sealants. Not suitable for food processing and surgery purposes or for manipulation with acids. Perfect biological resistancy. Not designed as a protection against the long-time influence of agresive substances, whereby using of special chemical gloves are required. Delivered in two sizes

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