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Indukcinis kaitintuvas 1,75Kw
Indukcinis kaitintuvas 1,75Kw

Indukcinis kaitintuvas 1,75Kw


Condor Werkzeug (Vokietija)

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Indukcinis kaitintuvas 1,75Kw


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  • manufactured in Europe
  • technical data:
    connection: 230 V (max. 7.5 A)
    power: max. 1.75 kW
    power input: max. 1.5 kW
    safety class: IP20
    weight: 4.5 kg
  • applications:
    screws, nuts, rivets and bolts
    steering (e.g. adjusting screws, wheel alignment)
    exhaust pipe clamps, lines, lambda sensors, injectors, glow plugs etc.
    running gear components, tight bearings, ball joints, brakes etc.
    glued screw connections
    heating of bearings seats for disassembly / assembly
  • also ideal for bodywork applications, e.g.:
    hail dents
    prepration for tinning
    separation of glued sheet metal
    removal of foil and other coating
  • ideal as alternative to burners with open flames, offering more safety
  • for easy loosening of corroded and tight connections and joints, also  for separating rigid glued and soldered connections
  • includes 4 durable heating coils (wire: 4 mm)

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