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Common Rail aukšto spaudimo testeris, 2000Bar Profi
Prekės kodas: C3350
  • 1x manometer: max. 2000 bar, stainless steel with protective rubber coating, relief valve 1400 bar
  • 2x connection hose: M12x1.5, length 55 cm
  • 2x connection hose: M14x1.5, length 55 cm
  • 2x thread adapter: M12x1.25
  • 2x thread adapter: M14x1.25
  • 6x screw caps: M12x1.5
  • 6x screw caps: M14x1.5
  • 1x waste collection bottle

    Most modern diesel vehicles usually have common rail systems, which operate with pressure above 1000 bar.
    Trouble Shooting often takes place by tracking the digital signals of pressure sensors in the vehicle. But malfunctioning or wrongly set sensors can lead to inaccurate results.
    The Condor Common Rail High Pressure Tester measure the real pressure with an analog 2000 bar glycerin-filled manometer, manufactured from stainless steel.

    testing functions:

  • starting pressure of high pressure pump
  • operating pressure in various rpm ranges – also on running engine
  • maximum pressure of high pressure pump
  • leaks and dripping of individual injectors
  • accessory kit Nr. 3351 allows to check the correct functioning of the high pressure pump and pressure sensor
Kaina su KLIENTO KORTELE (su PVM):    €790,00