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Batų džiovyklė SOUZ-20 (2150x620x780mm)
Prekės kodas: SOUZ-20
CE - Certificate NO.3-159-196/2017


§ The dimensions of the housing with rod (height x width x depth) — mm 2150х620х780
§ The number of rods for shoes — 40 PCs
§ Type bactericidal lamp Philips TUV 15W
§ Power a germicidal lamp 15,9 W
§ The lifespan of germicidal lamp — 8000 hour
§ Voltage — 220 V / 50 Hz
§ Length power supply cord — 2.5 m

Power consumption
§ Germicidal lamp 15 W
§ Fan motor — 60 watts
§ Heating element — 2000 W
§ Protection against overheating — There is
§ The drying mode — ventilation 400 W
§ The timer to 4 hours (automatic mode) infinity (manual mode)
§ Fan performance — 360 m3/h
§ Noise level not more than 55 DB

 Weight — 88 kg

Module for drying shoes SOUZ-20 is a unique fixture. This product provides intensive circulation of warm air, removes moisture and odors from the inner surface of the Shoe. A special germicidal lamp dryers, prevents the formation and reproduction of fungus, mold, bacteria in the shoes. The dryer is suitable for drying all kinds of adult and children's shoes. The module is fitted with rods on which are threaded shoes. This allows you to dry 20 pairs of shoes. Through the rod into the footwear served warm and disinfecting the air.

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